Professional Boxing Debut 1984

David Carrillo, a Burns, Oregon native started boxing as a child, punching it out with his brothers in the back yard. His amateur career started in 1975 where he went 19 wins, 7 losses with 16 KO's. Winning Golden Glove Championships in both California and Oregon states. All 7 of his amateur losses where against highly ranked opponents and very early in his boxing career. He has never been knocked out.

Managed by Ed Milburger, a 35 year veteran at the time, known for training Sugar Ray Leonard and Aaron Pryor and winning the World Boxing Championships in Moscow in 1974, David moved to Portland to train for his first professional fight.

David's professional debut came May 8th, 1984 at Deschutes Station Tavern in Bend, OR. Where he fought Darrin Wright (42-5). Darrin landed a few good punches but in the 3rd round David's superb physical conditioning paid off. As Wright started to tire David started to shine. Landing literally dozens of hard combinations Dave inflicted enough punishment that Wright failed to come out for the 4th round awarding the TKO to David.

After David's boxing career he attended school earning a degree in Psychology and has helped council and rehabilitate people in the prison systems.

Recently David has dedicated his life to using all of his experience, education and training to help people. He helps stroke victims regain use of their muscles. He helps the elderly keep their balance, strength, mobility and ultimately freedom. He helps athletes recover from sports related injuries. He helps bullied children and women build strength, confidence, and self defense skills. He helps boxers and MMA fighters polish their skills furthering their careers. And of course, if you have a couple or a couple hundred pounds to shed. He can help with that to.